War Crimes

July 2015

I had the pleasure of Assistant Directing and Vocal coaching ATYP’s show ‘War Crimes’. This role included shadowing the director during the rehearsal process and note-taking & providing feedback with the cast during the season. As vocal coach, I would run the warm up sessions and also facilitated some choral and vocal improvisational work.

Client: ATYP
Role: Assistant Director & Vocal Coach

The Details

“Set in a regional coastal town, War Crimes tells a powerful story of five disenfranchised young women who are fighting for respect, railing against authority and struggling to form an identity in a small town with limited opportunities. The relocation of an Iraqi refugee family to the town provokes a climate of hostility and tension that threatens to violently explode.”



Daily Review
“…this is the sort of story we should be telling to young people in the theatre. One that is honest, engaging and completely engaged with the world.” Read more…

Suzy Goes See
“War Crimes paints a picture of contemporary Australia that is at once ugly and beautiful. It has a harsh accuracy that can make it a bitter pill to swallow, but if we want the awful truth, this is just the kind of remedy we need more of.” Read more…

Sydney Arts Guide

“It’s raw and authentic…showing how tough and confused young life can get be.” Read more…

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