August 12-20th 2016

I was given the opportunity to intern on PYT & Griffin Theatre’s collaborative, participatory theatre event ‘Tribunal’, though I was fortunate enough to attend enough of the creating, devising & rehearsal process to be given a ‘Production Assistant’ credit. Part of my role on the show included: note taking, independent research & fact checking, transcribing interviews and at the latter stage – some assistance as an outside-eye and vocal coach running warmups.

Client: Powerhouse Youth Theatre & Griffin Theatre
Role: Production Assistant

The Details

Bringing together artists, human rights activists, lawyers and outlaws, Tribunal is an ambitious new theatre work by Western Sydney’s Powerhouse Youth Theatre. In this participatory performance project, an Australian Truth and Reconciliation. Tribunal will be created to interrogate and explore notions of truth and lies around the politically contentious labels of refugee and asylum-seeker.


Daily Review
“…It’s a must-see of a very special kind… ★★★★”
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“On hearing truths told in such a setting, it is impossible to ignore wrongs which must be made right.”
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Suzy Goes See
 “Bringing people from abstract consciousness, into a real life sharing of space, it is theatrical magic that can do wonders to how we experience society…”
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Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary
“ I encourage you to spend time with The Powerhouse Youth Theatre and their important work, TRIBUNAL, in Kings Cross. You will grasp…above all else, its simple power, to move us, change us. Do go. Much can depend on it.”
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