Moving Nations

June 7 - 17th, 2017

For Antidote’s second quarterly themed group show, I curated an exhibition at Collab Gallery, above the Pine Street Creative Art Centre. This process involved contacting all artists and in some cases, discussing the commissioning and creation of new works within the curatorial theme. It also included liaising regarding delivery, installing the show, and providing a curatorial short essay.

Role: Curator

The Details

Presented at Collab Gallery / Pine Street Creative Art Centre, Chippendale.

Moving Nations questions our current definitions of Nationhood, patriotism and what it means to belong. Examining the many histories and current dilemmas of migration we hope to hold up a mirror to the environmental, social and cultural atrocities of mass displacement and the more insidious breed of racism that can linger just beneath the surface in all of us. It is through this focus in on migration, enculturation and acculturation – that we will explore how it is we become who we are.

By featuring artists whose work interrogates notions of otherness, xenophobia, discrimination and cultural identity, we hope to light the path for greater compassion towards our fellow human. Beyond skin-colour, beyond borders and beyond walls.

Such poignant and salient issues will be illuminated through the art of: Abdul Abdullah, Olga Cironis, Eugenia Lim, Peter Drew, James Nguyen, Dean Cross, Justine Youssef, and Penny Ryan.

Read the curatorial rationale here.


Image credit: An Other’s wurud, 2017, Justine Youssef, Moving Nations, photo by Peter Morgan and courtesy of the artist and Antidote.

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