September 2015

Milk Crate Theatre and Metro Screen partnered to create a short video for the international Day for Persons with disability. The premise of the video was to create and film a social experiment wherein, four ensemble artists worked with a costume designer to make 3D, outward representations of what it feels like to live with a mental illness. I was asked to volunteer as the model who wore their creations around Martin Place in peak hour traffic to see how the general public would respond.

Client: Milk Crate Theatre
Role: Model

The Details

“Mental illness is often considered the invisible disability. You can’t see what’s going on inside someone else’s head. Milk Crate Theatre’s newest film explores what happens when you make the invisible, visible. ‘Invisibility’ was created as part of Metro Screen’s #‎Screenability‬ project, where four Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble Artists (who identify as having a mental illness) collaborated with a visual artist and costume designer to make their internal experience, external.”


Metro Screen
“…a piece that captures artists creating physical representations of their experiences to enable others to see the world from their point of view.”
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