Lake Dolly

As part of the Sydney Opera House’s inaugural event ‘Antidote: a festival of Ideas, Art & Action’, I worked with Michael Reid Sydney and Christian Thompson to curate an outdoor exhibition on the Western Forecourt. As we were working within Antidote Organisation’s quarterly theme ‘Engender’, I chose to show Christian’s 2017 series ‘Lake Dolly’ as it beautifully encapsulated issues of gender and identity through vivid floral imagery; highlighting the symbiosis between ideals of masculinity and nature.

Client: Sydney Opera House
Role: Curator

The Details

In Partnership with Antidote: A Festival of Ideas, Art & Action – Sydney Opera House, Western Broadwalk.

Named after the creek where Christian Thompson’s grandfather grew up, Lake Dolly is an auto-ethnographic exploration of identity, gender and race. This free outdoor event will exhibit Thompson’s 2017 series that employs his renowned focus on Anti-Portraiture and stunning Australian botanicals; in this case enacting sophisticated imagery relating to physical land, place and exile. Through the sourcing, creation and wearing of unique floral installation pieces (here reminiscent of his Sephardic/Spanish Jewish relatives and their Traditional head dresses), Thompson’s performance-based photographs juxtapose the Western ideal of masculinity with the fragile beauty of the natural world. In doing so, he ruptures society’s binary understandings of race and gender and presents alternative views of Aboriginal masculinity. To read more click here.

Image credits: (Above) Christian Thompson Portent Serac, c-type print on Fuji Pearl Metallic Paper, 120 x 120 cm, 2017. (Featured Image) Christian Thompson Purified By Fire, 2017, c-type print on Fuji Pearl Metallic Paper, 120 x 120 cm, 2017. Image courtesy the artist and Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin. (Below) Install Image by Prudence Upton

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