Aurobindo Project

May 27-28th 2016 - CoalCliff Community Hall

Composed by Daryl Wallis and directed by Danielle O’Keefe, the Aurobindo Project is an encompassing piece of close-harmony music set to the poetry of Sri Aurobindo. I have participated in four iterations as a solo singer and group member across 2016-2019.

Client: Daryl Wallis / Aurobindo Project
Role: Singer

The Details

The Aurobindo Project is an immersive theatre experience inspired by the devotional poetry of Sri Aurobindo: an Indian nationalist, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet.

Directed by Danielle O’Keefe and featuring composer/musical director Daryl Wallis on piano with an ensemble of singers, the performance creates a sequence of sound energy fields built upon the spiritual vibrations and experiences Aurobindo encoded in his poetry. Enveloped with images of the Stanwell Park beach dawn light sequence, which accompany the composition of the songs, The Aurobindo Project offers its audience a unique meditative environment and journey through light and sound.


Comments from the audience

“Uplifting, inspiring, beautiful. A magical evening.”
“Thoroughly uplifted and deeply moved.”
“I don’t know how to describe this show, it was truly incredible.”

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