Dean’s Leadership Award

Today I was honoured with a Dean’s award. I was given the award (as well as a substantial cheque) for showing significant leadership skills in the category of ‘Social Impact’. It was an exciting and tense experience at the ceremony, hearing all of the nominees and what they had achieved. I was actually a bit surprised when my name was called as the winner, and I know that people always say that to sound humble but I was genuinely surprised (and thrilled!). Receiving this accolade was due to my volunteer/work across the years with: Milk Crate Theatre, The VGen society on campus at UNSW, the Concert For Life suicide prevention benefit last month, and ATYP’s show ‘War Crimes’, which was part of an international project exploring Immigration, Poverty and Hope. I have taken this recognition in my stride, and intend to set off on a route that furthers my work within the social justice domain, as well as continuing work within the theatre realm.